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Spring Virtual Programming Series

Posted by Jacqueline Kowalski at Mar 17, 2021. No Comments.

News flash—Spring is around the corner!  And here, to help you with new plants, new growing information, and just plain plant fun are the spring programs from the Summit County Master Gardeners

INSIDE THE HIVE:  A Closeup Look at the Honeybee’s Home Wednesday, April 21, 6:30 p.m. Register Here

What’s going on inside the beehive?!  As the County Bee Inspector, Randy Katz has many questions.  Is there a nice quantity of healthy bees?  Are there mites and other diseases?  Any signs of a potential swarm?  How healthy is the queen – is she marked?  Are there enough brood (egg) cells at various stages of growth?  Is there sufficient food available to raise the larvae?  So many questions with so little time – tune in to this presentation to see the answers as Randy takes us along for a beehive inspection.

Recently retired, Randy co-owned and operated City Scrap & Salvage Co. for 30  years.  He graduated from Akron Leadership and now co-chairs Environment Day for Junior Leadership Akron.  Randy sits on the board of the Summit County Master Gardeners and is vice president of the Summit County Beekeepers Association.  He serves as the Summit County Bee Inspector, and currently has 8 beehives, 26 chickens, 20 dogs, 2 cats, along with a garden of dreams!

NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHER’S CONTAINER Wednesday, May 5, 6:30 p.m. Register Here

We all know how to put the usual suspects into a pot and call it a container.  Spike, geranium and petunia – check them off the thriller, filler and spiller columns.  Let’s think beyond those usual plants and consider adding some spice to the mixture.  Diane Fort designs gardens and pots for local gardens and will show us how to put a unique container combination together, and how to make it long lasting and visually exciting.

A note from Diane:  I would like to introduce myself to all of you wonderful gardeners.  My name is Diane Fort, and my passion is, of course, creating flower and garden containers.  I am a self-taught gardener, with a long history of gardening.  In the ‘80s I ventured on my own with my store called “The Secret Garden” and worked with both live and faux arrangements. I have worked for both Donzell’s and Suncrest Gardens spanning 25 years.  Now that I have retired from 30 years of greenhouse employment, I love having the free time to browse for lovely plants and create containers.  And, as we all know, learning is never ending!  I’m looking forward to our workshop in May.  ‘Til then, think spring!!!

HOW TO GROW TERRIFIC TOMATOES   Wednesday, June 2, 6:30 p.m. Register here

What is the most popular vegetable in US gardens?  The tomato, of course.  Navigating your way through the different selections, determining the best planting techniques, and dealing with the pests and diseases that may come your way can be challenging.  Lee Paulson, Summit County Master Gardener and “Mr. Tomato”, will share his time hewn wisdom and advice for growing the tastiest and most prolific tomatoes.  Join us for his Terrific Tomatoes program and be on your way to tomato success.

Believe it or not, Lee has many varied horticultural interests besides growing tomatoes.  Topping his list is growing dahlias.  This is followed by tropical plants, annuals, roses, beneficial insects, photography, heirloom vegetables, seed starting and cannas.  He has served as the chair of the Summit County Master Gardener Speakers Bureau for the past half dozen years.

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